We work hard, have sweet dessert, talk about the feeling of well-being and finally make it real although those things seem so simple to get whenever you feel free.


Brand Work :

As brand builders, we work to bring the latest and greatest approaches to the mix in order to ensure our clients and their brands are sharing the right story. Having studios both in Hong Kong and in Korea, we look for a new startup or the company that needs to be rebranded so that we let you know you need to brand yourself. We are in the business of building and managing strong local brands and bringing them to the global market.


Teams :

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions, neither should you. WKNDS WORKS Brand Consulting team is customized to suit the specific needs of your organization. We build highly qualified teams who work closely with your key people to plan, develop and execute the smart strategic solutions you expect and deserve.

Believe :

The WKNDS WORKS team shares a common set of goals : to enjoy life, be kind, make great memories, always do our best work and ultimately, leave a good impression on our world. Professionally, we do that through the types of businesses, causes and products we consult on. When it comes to building and marketing successful brands, working with the WKNDS WORKS Brand Consulting team make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

WKNDS WORKS will work with you to learn more about your company, your market-space and target audience and what you envision for the future of your brand. We help brands focus on who you are and what you stand for so you are ready to cut through the clutter and discover opportunities for growth.